2023 Sponsors & Exhibitors

Bronze Sponsor

nanoplus America, Inc.
nanoplus designs and produces Distributed Feedback Lasers and Fabry-Pérot Lasers at any wavelength between 760 nm and 14000 nm. As well as SLD in the 1700nm up to 2900nm, and MIR-LEDs in wavelengths from 2800 up to 6500nm. The lasers are most often used for high-precision tunable diode laser absorption spectroscopy in industry and research. Applications of our different light sources include  oil & gas, environment, process optimization,  safety, defense, health, automotive, space, biotechnology and research. We support you with several hundred person years in engineering and laser physics. We provide laser solutions and services that are tailored to your specific requirements. We look forward to discussing your laser request!

Learn more: nanoplus.com

Nonlinear Control Strategies

Nonlinear Control Strategies, NLCSTR, provides state of the art modelling software for semiconductor heterostructures, lasers and LEDs, that aims to take the guesswork out of laser design and testing. Over the past decades, NLCSTR’s founders were at the spear of development of todays state of the art sophisticated many-body models that have been proven to be able to describe quantitatively correct the essential material properties of semiconductor active material, like, absorption, gain, photo luminescence or carrier losses due to radiative and Auger recombination. The predictive nature of these simulations eliminates traditionally used fit-parameters that obscure the underlying physics and prevent predictability for new devices. The established SimuLase software packages these modelling capabilities in a user friendly graphics-driven tool that allows the design and analysis of devices without requiring expertise in the underlying physics. SimuLase is readily available for most commonly used III-V materials. NLCSTR currently develops a specialized version for TMDC materials.

Learn more: www.nlcstr.com

At VPIphotonics we empower you to define the cutting edge by integrating efficient simulation techniques and professional design functions for integrated photonic devices, components, optical transmission system and network applications. This enables interoperability with 3rd party simulation, design and programming software, and test & measurement equipment. We seek industry leading solutions to chart new frontiers via forward-looking industrial and research collaborations.

Learn more: www.vpiphotonics.com


Since 2008, ALPAO has been revolutionizing optics and photonics through continuous innovation in wavefront correction techniques. The company designs and manufactures the most complete range of Adaptive Optics (AO) systems and components for use in research and industry. These include Deformable Mirrors, Wavefront Sensors and control software including Real-Time Computer. All our products can be tailor-made to meet the most challenging customer expectations.

Learn more: www.alpao.com

attocube’s business sector ‘Nanoscale Analytics’ develops and produces innovative solutions for nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy. The neaSCOPE system is an ultra-stable, easy-to-use instrument for tip-enhanced optical measurements with remarkable scientific impact. Our technology overcomes the limitations of conventional instruments and enables a spatial resolution of just a few nanometers. Customers from academia and industry rely on attocube’s groundbreaking ‘Nanoscale Analytics’ technology.

Learn more: www.attocube.com/en

VIGO Photonics

VIGO Photonics is a European manufacturer of semiconducting materials and instruments for photonic and microelectronic, specialized in MWIR and LWIR detectors and modules, produced with the use of internally-developed technology.

The mission of VIGO Photonics is to provide fast and convenient, easy to use IR detectors at any wavelength from 2 to 16 µm, reaching fundamental BLIP limits without cryocooling. Modules are available with different spectral response ranges, time response characteristics and gains.

VIGO Photonics has a complete front – end and back- end production line for semiconductor high capacity instruments – from epitaxy of II-IV and III-V groups, through detector chips, lasers and their assembly and integration with electronics. The company is constantly expanding its market reach and now has its subsidiaries in Taiwan and the USA.

Learn more: www.vigophotonics.com

Adroit Materials

Adroit Materials is a small company based in Cary, North Carolina. Adroit Materials is focusing on the development of III-Nitride epitaxy (MOCVD + HVPE) technology and devices based on the same materials system. With a commitment to precision, quality, and innovation, the company offers a boutique style foundry service that is tailored to the specific needs of clients, offering custom solutions. Whether for research, prototyping, or full-scale production, the company’s experts work closely with clients to ensure that their specific requirements are met. In addition, Adroit Materials manufactures and sells AlGaN-based optoelectronic devices including (a) Solar blind UV sensitive APDs (Avalanche Photodiodes) with targeted application for detection of low-level signals (plume detection, heat, spectroscopy, quantum applications), (b) UV LEDs (220 – 270 nm) that are developed with efficiency and reliability in mind, suitable for a wide range of applications, and (c) UV-VIS lasers that meet the industry’s demanding standards. More recently, Adroit Materials has entered the field of GaN-based power diodes. Adroit Materials has made significant advances in the development of GaN-based power diodes and now offers 2 kV GaN JBS with performance that exceeds that of comparable SiC devices. These diodes represent the next step in power efficiency and design, marking a substantial contribution to the field.

With a focus on quality control and continuous research & development, Adroit Materials ensures that its products remain at the forefront of technology. The company’s commitment to excellence is reflected in its products’ performance and reliability.

Adroit Materials welcomes inquiries and collaboration opportunities from businesses, researchers, and professionals interested in exploring the potential of III-Nitride epitaxy and related technologies. For more information about Adroit Materials, its products, and services, please visit www.adroitmaterials.com or contact info@adroitmaterials.com.

Identification International

Identification International, Inc. provides state of the art forensic fingerprinting technology for law enforcement and civilian purposes.  Over the past few years, our research and development team focused on building an FBI certified high-resolution (1000 pixels per inch), moisture discriminating 3D imaging ten print device.  Our development path took us through advances in biological systems, material science, photonics, optics and software engineering. The paper we present at this conference reports on one aspect of this research journey and at our booth we will demonstrate a prototype of the product that has resulted.

Learn more: www.idintl.com

Lanyard Sponsor

Spark Photonics
Spark Photonics provides end-to-end integrated photonics solutions, including commercial design and layout services, photonic design automation software, and photonic chip kits. Through the non-profit Spark Photonics Foundation, we provide K-14 programming to expose youth to education and career pathways in STEM, advanced manufacturing, semiconductors, and entrepreneurship.

Learn more: sparkphotonics.com